ValCon has developed a Construction Administration Service to provide a cost effective, out sourcing of administration tasks for our clients.

This monthly record maintenance and disbursement service can be tailored to the requirements of any project. Our services can be performed as a “total package” or tailored to your specific needs.

ValCon’s Services

  • Assistance in preparation of the draw procedures tailored to your specific needs
  • Preparation of construction draws
  • Monthly Advance Reconciliation
  • Assembly and review of conditional, unconditional and final mechanics lien releases
  • Coordination and communication between the Lender, Developer and Construction Manager
  • Notice to title companies for purposes of title search, date and announce of funding.
  • Timely Hard and Soft Cost disbursement
  • Complete disbursement record maintenance with monthly reports to the client

Our administrative services are performed in conjunction with our monthly Site Observation Services or as a separate stand-alone service.

Our construction funding services are practical, efficient, and extremely cost effective.